Casting Actors Cast

Practice Gratitude

November 25, 2021

Air Date: 11/25/2021
Practice Gratitude
No one ever told you that being an actor was easy. In fact, for many of you, I am sure you were 
told just the opposite. Being an actor is hard, the odds are against you, too much competition, 
you’ll never make it. What’s worse is that we let those past voices stay in our head, affecting 
out thinking and our choices. What is up with that? The way to push through that noise is a 
simple technique that has helped me as an actor and now as a casting director. OK, I know it 
might sound cheesy but really, it works. Today’s episode is all about pushing past the noise and 
practice gratitude. How do you do that? You might ask? Stick around and find out on this 
special gratitude episode of Casting Actors Cast.

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