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3 Useful Marketing Tips Actors Need

May 6, 2021

3 Useful Marketing tips Actors Need

It’s one thing to be ready for the next right thing in your acting career. It means that you have taken the steps to move your career forward. It’s quite another to create the methods that move those steps into the next stage (pun intended) of your career. Many times I see really talented folks who think they really don’t need to put themselves “out there” in order to grow. Well, I guess it’s a choice to not think about marketing yourself. But as the CEO of your company, maybe it’s time to look at your marketing strategy, or lack thereof, and find out if it has the potential to move you to the next level of your career. This episode of Casting Actors Cast is all about three useful tips you’ll need to succeed. Insights for actors from a casting director, that’s me, Jeffrey Dreisbach. Join us!

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